Until recently, the recent history of the Municipality of Torella dei Lombardi had only been the object of study or transmitted through the memories of everyday life of the inhabitants, today a precious photographic collection makes “A journey into the past for the memory of the future” possible. Thanks to a project conceived by the Municipality, an exhibition en plein air is presented, where the works are made up of illustrative panels arranged in different parts of the country, the so-called “points of memory”, to show how post-earthquake reconstruction interventions have modified and influenced the urban planning. The scenery of this important event is represented by the Castello Ruspoli di Candriano, the church of Sant’Anna, Europa square, “Largo Fontana”, and by the disappearances clinic and house De Laurentiis, church of Santa Maria del Popolo, church of the Madonna del Rosario, buildings that were located on Sant’Anna street and Regina Margherita street, from the ancient entrance to the town of Caracciolo street.