A journey into the past to the memory of the future is an exhibition in the open air with the aim of recovering the historical memory of Torella of Lombardi. Through the plotting of memory, as it was and how it became the country, its evolution, the memory is seen as a way to give continuity to what happened, this is the intention of the administration of the municipality of Torella dei Lombardi: to transmit, make known to younger generations the origins of their country. Connect different places or in some cases non-existent, to memory, live again them on a journey into the past and relive, therefore, the story in the key of evolution not to forget their origins.

Today, technology provides the tools to navigate in the past and retrace the tracks. Thanks to its use, the places get back form and narratives, the story reborn to become more fascinating.

The exhibition offers a journey that takes visitors to discover the places and to live this new experience through special guides: the first is that the classic and provides a pedestrian path marked by illustrative panels, each representing a point of memory. This path starts and stops in the heart of the country: Castle Ruspoli of Candriano. La second approach foresees the support of modern technologies by APP mobile "Memoria di Torella" and site "www.memoriaditorella.it ".

After you install the APP, the visitor will find out what are the "Memory points", open the information cards and access the multimedia contents. Moreover, activating the "Smart Tour" mode, near a point of memory, the APP recognizes and proposes the fruition, for then to suggest, the visit of the other points that are located in the immediate vicinity.

The site is completely dedicated to the memory of Torella, from its homepage you can access to the descriptions of the places, news and a rich photo gallery.

Memory of Torella is an innovative model of enjoyment of citizens places, be they memory points and points of interest. Will be the "places" to present itself to the visitor. They will attract he, they will involve he and they will make he a partaker of their history and their radical changes.

The device (tablet or smartphone) will be the means by which, the places changed by the time they will offer and inviting the user.

A map section will guide the user to discover the points located around them; it will also be possible to retrieve information content provider directly by clicking on it. Smart mode will give the user the opportunity to discover the places just neighbors by giving notification. With this version will there is a Scanner to QR-Code by which you can access the various multimedia contents of all data sheets about the points.


Presentation event of the “Memoria di Torella” project – May 6, 2017

On May 6, 2017, inside the Council Chamber of the castle of Torella dei Lombardi, Naos Consulting will present the project Memoria of Torella, an event that pays tribute to the history and evolution of the country from the twentieth century up to the present day. They follow by the speeches of Denise Fiorillo of the Youth Forum of Torella

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